High-quality illuminated mirror with LED-technology

LED-illuminated mirror Starlight



Every day begins and ends in the bathroom. What was once a spartan washroom has long since become a comfortable recreation room. Illuminated mirrors play a key role in this: An expert lighting concept takes into consideration individual needs: creates atmosphere and provides clear vision.


Just as important as the quality of the mirror is the source of lighting. The latest high-quality LEDs all around the mirror serve as light source providing best lighting and efficiency (up to 20 percent and more) with very low use of energy (i.e.1 LED approx. 0.1 W) at the same time. A further plus for LEDs is their long life. A lot of LEDs have a life of 30,000 hours and more.


Our illuminated mirrors with LEDs combine the renown premium quality of EURASPIEGEL with an environmentally friendly lighting technology and timeless design.

Small gesture – great effects

All LED-illuminated mirrors provided with a „no-touch“ gesture control system can be controlled only by gestures without any touching due to a technology which is state-of-the-art.

The so-called „no-touch system“ recognizes defined gestures and finger moves not only for connecting/disconnecting the LED-illuminated mirrors of the brand EURASPIEGEL® but also for dimming continously.


All „no-touch“ systems have a memory effect storing the last control when disconnecting (condensator).

Matching luminous colours to feel comfortable

Today it is clear: Light is not only important for visual demands, but has also emotional and biological effects on a human being.

Modern lighting concepts in mirrors consider biological as well as visual light effects and stimulate a person’s well-being, mood, and health.
Due the integrated LED-VARIO-LIGHT-SYSTEM the light colour can be switched from 3,000 Kelvin „warm-white“ to 4,000 Kelvin „neutral-white“ by means of a switching module at any time. Just as the fancy takes you.


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