Mirrors with halogen lights or LED-technology to choose

Exclusive illuminated mirror Smartline

Spiegel mit Halogenleuchten oder LED-Technologie
Spiegel mit Halogenleuchten oder LED-Technologie

Lamps to choose

Just as today’s diverse range of bathroom mirrors are versatile, so the mirror lights available for bathrooms are unique and individual. The mirror lights in EURASPIEGEL®’S SMARTLINE range can be freely combined and mounted on a wide range of mirrors with varying dimensions.

Mirrors with crystal lighting elements are a bold eyecatcher. They create pools of light and pleasant highlights. The prismatic shimmering crystals provide a new twist to that evergreen classic, the elegant bevelled edge mirror. As shown on the picture, mirror VERENA with original Swarovski crystals

Be inspired by the range of lamps.

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