Since 1973 EURASPIEGEL delivers a diversified mirror programme for the sanitary wholesale. The exclusive design as well as the uncompromising quality changes every bathroom into a living room dream with a unique atmosphere. Right from the beginning it was our aim to find the perfect combination of timeless design and uncompromising quality in only one product: the MIRROR. Our highly skilled staff produces all illuminated mirrors with a love of details and by hand in our mirror manufactory in Nuremberg. EURASPIEGEL commits entirely to the trademark of „made in Germany“. The team of EURASPIEGEL uses their best endeavours not only to keep pace with the progress but also to find their own trends and standards. EURASPIEGEL stands for LIGHT.MIRROR.DESIGN today as well a in the future.

Our focus

Competence leads to confidence

Sales Germany – West & North


Alex Enners



Sales Germany – Middle & East

Thomas Flader



Sales Germany – South


Reimund Schock


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